In order to ensure we meet your needs, our interactions following your initial approach will typically be as follows…

  1. A face-to-face meeting on site. In advance of that discussion we will have perused carefully any information or documents you might have already supplied, in order that the proposed project can be fully considered. The site visit enables all parties to clarify and confirm what’s required, establish timescales, pre-empt any issues or challenges, identify any security needs, undertake a site survey and feasibility study.
  2. A quotation and schedule of works, giving timescales etc will then be produced and issued for consideration.

  3. Following acceptance of the quotation, key milestones and deadlines will be re-clarified, in readiness for commencing the work and preparing for installation.

  4. By the required date, installation, testing, commissioning, handover and certification will be carried out and concluded.

  5. Aftercare, service and maintenance requirements will be determined and agreed, and an invoice for the works undertaken will be issued.

Please note that many of our projects require us to liaise with other parties such as builders, main contractors, sub-contractors and end-users. They invariably have detailed schedules of works and time plans to adhere to. We will work as closely as is required with them to ensure the safe and successful delivery of your project.



Some installations require regular service, maintenance or testing, in order to ensure they remain compliant and meet any required regulations. We will advise on the most appropriate programme, to ensure your obligations are met and adhered to.